Delivering Quality Oaten & Wheaten Hay

Hay is an essential part of the diet as we know fibre and forage are important to horse diets. Horses need to consume regular forage to maintain a proper digestive system, which needs to be in the form of grasses, hay or chaff.

Quality hay is determined by nutrient profile, digestibility, finely stemmed, soft and leafy, smell, appearance, cleanliness (weed free) and natural green colour. Higher quality roughage is finely stemmed, sort and leafy and is more readily digestible.

Buying quality hay is very important and buying direct from Harvey Hay Sales you know we pride ourselves on producing quality hay to our clients in the equine industry. Buying direct from the farm can have many advantages including a saving in price and a chance to check out how the hay is grown and stored.

What makes us different to our competitors is the service and quality we provide.

Some of our clients don’t have the storage space to store their yearly supply of hay, so we offer storage for 6 months (sheds are cleared out by May each year), which our clients are able to arrange pick of their hay on a regular basis throughout that time, but also knowing your hay has been kept in a closed shed protected from weather and vermin, which helps maintain its colour and freshness during this time.

We also offer a delivery service with a minimum order of 64 bales delivered within the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu & Murray Mallee regions at an extra cost per bale.

Oaten Hay

Variety – Wintaroo Oats is a good hay oat that is generally robust. High Yielding. Fine Stem and large leaf for best hay quality. Highly Digestible Fibre. Highly Palatable with a reputation as a “sweet hay”. Oaten is lower in protein and higher in Carbs. Some horses are sensitive to high proteins where Oaten is lower protein it’s more easily digestible and is used widely in the equine industry.

Wheaten Hay

Variety – Pinevale Beardless variety. Wheaten Hay has the lowest GI content. Higher Digestibility fibre. Source of fibre (roughage) in the diet. Highly Palatable with a reputation as a “sweet hay”. A forage variety that produces multiple stems, finer in stem size, soft and leafy and is more readily digestible for horses, cows, sheep & Alpacas. The benefits of using Wheaton Hay is much the same as Oaten Hay and is used widely in the equine industry.